Monday, September 28, 2009

Dress Pants

Next up, in our Swiss Army Knife of fashion, is the dress pant. Every woman should have one pair of dress pants that fits her like a dream. This is one piece, along with a great pair of jeans, that might take awhile to find and will definitely be worth spending the time shopping for.

A great fitting pair of dress pants can give you that extra boost of confidence in a job interview or first day on the new job, but they aren't just for business women. With a pretty blouse and some great heels, a pair of dress pants can fill in nicely for a day dress or the little black dress at a bridal shower, meeting his family for the first time, or hosting a women's event.

Dress pants don't necessary need to be black, brown or gray will work just as well. It just depends on what colors you are drawn to and what to build your wardrobe around.

No matter what your lifestyle a neutral color pair of dress pants NEEDS to be in your closet!

Forget diamonds, the right pair of pants are a woman's best friend. Well, maybe not! But they sure are a close second.

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