Saturday, June 18, 2011

Choosing a Consignment Shop That’s Right for You.

I started shopping at a consignment shop across town from me, about 20 years ago when my husband was a school teacher and I was a stay at home Mom, working with a tight budget. At that time, there were two shops to choose from in Boise, and I chose Dees Duds because the owner was friendly, particular about her inventory and her shop was clean. I get overwhelmed shopping in department stores, and I found consignment shopping both manageable and affordable; I appreciated not being concerned about the price on the tag, and sometimes being thrilled to find an exceptional item half price.

Resale shopping in the Treasure Valley certainly has more to offer today than it did 20 years ago, and each store has a style and personality all its own. Some shops cater to a younger crowd, carrying primarily junior labels which were made with inexpensive textiles and have little wear left after they have been washed one or two more times. Other stores carry higher end labels, which were originally expensive and may still have a high ticket price, even for a recycled item. Some stores carry a cross section of labels, styles, condition and price. You may have to really dig to find what appeals to you as they don’t clear their racks regularly and charge the same price for Old Navy as they would for Ann Taylor or Banana Republic.

Look for a store that prices according to condition and labels. I would expect to pay a little more for a great label that is in excellent condition. Some stores get better labels than others based on their pricing system and how long they have been in business to build a good consignment base. Invite a friend to spend a day with, and make it a “resale shopping adventure” looking for a resale shop that fits your style, and budget.